The Unstoppable Danielle Burt

In 2004 while riding her motorcycle on a San Diego road Danielle Burt lost control and was forced to lay her bike down. She was thrown 25 feet into the air and then 45 feet down a mountain slope. When emergency workers were able to reach her, she could hear her ribs snapping as they placed her on a backboard. In and out of consciousness, Danielle later learned that she had fractured her neck, broken all of her ribs and her left humerus, ruptured her spleen, collapsed a lung, and smashed the tibia and fibula on her left leg. With unstable vital, doctors placed Danielle in a medically induced coma for 5 weeks. 

“During that time, they tried to clean out my right leg because there was a big open wound, but I couldn’t handle it. My vitals kept plummeting as soon as they tried,” Burt said. “It got to the point where I developed acute respiratory distress syndrome in my lungs. My body was trying to fix my leg instead of my lungs.’

Danielle developed gangrene in her knee, and that’s when doctors decided to amputate her leg. As soon as the limb was removed, her body could direct its healing resources toward making her core healthy.

She bounced back almost immediately after amputation. However, when she came out of the coma, she had no idea that her leg was gone.

“The fact that I was in a coma for over a month, all my muscles were gone, so I couldn’t sit up and look at my body,” Burt said. “Once I found out my leg was gone, I felt like it was the end of the world. This was 11 years ago, so at that time, being an adaptive athlete wasn’t well known. I thought that my life was over.”

Danielle's life was far from over, and eleven years later she is thriving. We here at Bing Surfboards are so proud that she has chosen to invite us into her amazing story by riding a Pintail Mini as her board of choice. 

Get to know Danielle more in the full article about her here.

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Dave Rastovich in Desillusion Magazine

Desillusion Magazine’s editor in chief Sebastien Zanella spent a few days with Dave "Rasta" Rastovich at his home in Byron bay. Known for his flawless approach to surfing, Rasta also opened up about his outlook on professional surfing, his philosophy on life and the joys of faded flowers. Supported by BILLABONG This short film is based on the article "Three Stones from the sun" published in Desillusion Magazine 49, Volume 1 Available here: Music: 'The Mighty Rio Grande' by This Will Destroy You from This Will Destroy You Tower of Meaning by Arthur Russell from the album World of Echo B (The Phillistines Jr. Cover) By Jónsi & Alex -

Bing Craftsman: Ryan Shaver

It’s installment seven of our #BingCraftsman series and about time we feature our Shop Manager, Ryan Shaver. Ryan is a native Californian with a huge passion for 50’s and 60’s surf culture. Ryan grew up living and surfing North County San Diego before life took him to Arizona, and finally back to Redondo Beach. Back in California, Ryan took a job with Becker Surfboards where he spent the better part of two decades and where, as fate would have it, he met Matt Calvani. After Becker, Ryan worked with both Quiksilver and Deus before reconnecting with Matt and us here at Bing. We are so thankful to now have Ryan and his sweet family here in #Encinitas with us. When Ryan is not surfing or in our surf shop talking boards and surf history, you can find him working on and enjoying classic shovel head Harleys and 50’s and 60’s classic cars. Ryan’s grandfather was a mechanic who owned a hot rod shop in Napa, California where Ryan would spend his Summers soaking up everything he could. The first car he did a full custom job on was a 1955 Ford F100. So, if you ever want to talk surf, Harley, classic car, or hey, if you need help rebuilding a carburetor, drop by the shop and talk to Ryan. He’s you man. So thanks for all you do Ryan! You make this place great.

Photo: Stone Crandall

Photo Recap: Cardiff Surf Classic

We loved being a part of the Cardiff Surf Classic supporting all of our local businesses, organizations, and families here in Encinitas! A huge thank you to Cardiff 101 Mainstreet for putting on such a great event. 

Bing Craftsman: Kyle Chambers

It’s installment six of our #BingCraftsman series and we’re stoked to highlight Kyle Chambers, our Operations Manager here at Bing. Kyle plays the important role of being both the voice of the guys building boards on the floor as well as the voice of our dealers and customers. Kyle makes sure everyone is up to date with every board that will be built, is currently in production, or has just been finished. And when they are finished Kyle makes sure they get out the door on the right truck or ship. Kyle hails from the birthplace of Bing Surfboards, South Bay LA and has been with us here at Bing for the last 5 years. When he is not here keeping things in order he can found surfing, playing competitive kick-ball (seriously) or indoor soccer. Kyle’s 3 favorite boards are his 9’8” Silver Spoon, 6’2” Dart, and 5’8” Swee’ Pea. Kyle is also our in-house restaurant expert, and says that if you don’t drop everything right now to go grab a Hot Torpedo at Pizzaiolo in Encinitas, you are missing out. So here’s to you Kyle! Thanks for all you do!

Photo: Stone Crandall

Bing Craftsman: Sam Cody

It’s installment five of our #BingCraftsman series and we are so proud to feature the incredibly talented Sam Cody. Sam is our in-house airbrusher and pin line master here at Bing Surfboards and is truly an artist. Steve Pezmen of Surfer’s Journal said “Sam Cody is of that small cadre of highly-specialized and skilled artisans that, over years of practice, have taken their particular segment of surfboard building to a master level, enjoying a considerable albeit underground reputation within the sub-cultural community in which they work.” In the early 60’s while living in the Ocean Beach area of San Diego Sam began refinishing his own boards to trade them in for new ones. Soon enough his skill and reputation grew and he was a full blown member of the industry doing color work for Olympic, Gordon & Smith, Channin, Evolution, and now Bing Surfboards. In 1980, Rusty Preisendorfer influenced Sam in the art of airbrushing and he never looked back. Sam’s reputation is known throughout the surfboard industry as one of the finest craftsmen in the field of precision color designs. We are so thankful here at Bing to have Sam under our roof and look forward to every bit of work that comes out of his bay. So here’s to you Sam Cody, #BingCraftsman. Thanks for all you do!

Photo: Stone Crandall

Bing Craftsman: Mick Rodgers


It’s installment four of our #BingCraftsman series and we are so proud to feature the one and only Mick Roders. Mick came to Bing Surfboards in 2010 not as an employee but as a talented surfer that we wanted in our lineup and soon thereafter joined us as an employee. Mick is in charge of quality control and packing here at Bing, which means that he is the last one to lay eyes and hands on your beautiful board before it arrives on your doorstep or local shop. Mick has his roots in the South Bay, the birth place of Bing Surfboards and is a perfect fit here (in fact we like him so much that he got his own pro-model longboard, appropriately named the Mr. Rodgers Model). He is humble and quiet but has a quirky side once you get to know him. He focuses on enjoying the simple things in life rather than trying to “keep up with the Joneses”. He’d rather do what he enjoys, surf everyday and experience life with his close friends. Mick is a member of the #VanLife community, traveling, living, and surfing out of his sweet Ford camper conversion van and is an all around first class guy. So here's to you Mick, #BingCraftsman. Thanks for all you do!

Photo: Stone Crandall