Bing Craftsman: Mick Rodgers


It’s installment four of our #BingCraftsman series and we are so proud to feature the one and only Mick Roders. Mick came to Bing Surfboards in 2010 not as an employee but as a talented surfer that we wanted in our lineup and soon thereafter joined us as an employee. Mick is in charge of quality control and packing here at Bing, which means that he is the last one to lay eyes and hands on your beautiful board before it arrives on your doorstep or local shop. Mick has his roots in the South Bay, the birth place of Bing Surfboards and is a perfect fit here (in fact we like him so much that he got his own pro-model longboard, appropriately named the Mr. Rodgers Model). He is humble and quiet but has a quirky side once you get to know him. He focuses on enjoying the simple things in life rather than trying to “keep up with the Joneses”. He’d rather do what he enjoys, surf everyday and experience life with his close friends. Mick is a member of the #VanLife community, traveling, living, and surfing out of his sweet Ford camper conversion van and is an all around first class guy. So here's to you Mick, #BingCraftsman. Thanks for all you do!

Photo: Stone Crandall

Bing Craftsman: Matt Calvani

Installment three of our #BingCraftsman series. This week we're stoked to feature Bing Surfboards head shaper / owner Matt Calvani.

At age 15, Matt Calvani’s first job in the industry was apprentice to Tom Stanton, a well-known South Bay shaper and airbrusher. After learning and mastering the art of airbrushing, Matt naturally became interested in board building.

In 1988, Wayne Rich gave Matt his first blank to shape and Matt began to hone his skills as a surfboard shaper. Eventually Matt moved his airbrushing business to Hermosa Beach and was offered a job by Hap Jacobs to do some rough-shaping on the side. Hap was so pleased with Matt’s work that he hired him on as a part-time shaper. Then Dennis Jarvis of Spyder Surfboards started to notice Matt’s talent and offered him a job shaping for the likes of Tom Curren, Shane Dorian, and more.

In 1993, Matt was offered a full-time shaping position at Becker Surfboards as Phil Becker’s main production shaper. It was while at Becker that Matt created an impressive shortboard program, shaping for the likes of Greg Browning, Geoff Moysa, Pascal Stansfield and many more. At Becker, Matt was hand-shaping more than 25 shortboards a week in addition to longboards and mid-ranges, as well as continuing to shape for Hap Jacobs, Lance Carson, and Rick Surfboards.

In 2000, Matt’s friend, Dan Bendicksen, head shaper for Bing Surfboards in the late 60s, introduced Matt to Bing Copeland and Mike Eaton, which paved the way for Matt to inherit Bing Surfboards. In an an effort to streamline and grow his business, Matt opened a surfboard shaping and glassing facility next to friend and foam supplier, Jeff Stoner of Blair Foam in Gardena, CA.

Then in November of 2010 Matt moved the factory to Encinitas, CA where we are today. Another notable came in 2013 when Matt won The Boardroom: Icons of Foam Tribute to Terry Martin. So here's to you Matt Calvani, #BingCraftsman - thanks for all you do! 

Photo: Stone Crandall

Bing Craftsman: Gary Beecher

Continuing our #BingCraftsman photo series we bring you the one and only Gary Beecher, but just "Beecher" around the factory. Beecher is a polisher and sander here at #BingSurfboards, and known in the surf community as one of, if not, the best polisher/sander alive today. For decades Beecher has built surfboards for nearly every notable manufacturer, and at one point had keys to every surfboard factory from the Mexican border to Orange County. Beecher is one of the biggest personalities in the factory and always brings humor to the day. He's a wildly dedicated surf craftsman and is often seen working late into the night and before the sun rises in the morning. We feel so fortunate to have Beecher with us building the best possible boards we can. So here's to you Beecher, #BingCraftsman

Photo: Stone Crandall

Bing Craftsman: Adam Cap

We're going to start a new little photo series here to introduce some of the incredible craftsman we have here at Bing Surfboards, and we're going to call it #BingCraftsman (you can follow along on Instagram or Facebook if you'd like as well)

This is Adam Cap. Adam is the Production Manager here, which basically means that he does everything. At 16, Adam was living up in South Bay Los Angeles and riding a few of Matt Calvani's shapes when Matt asked if he could come in to help trace some templates and do some basic sanding. Well it worked out well, fast forward 10 years and Adam is still here (even after moving the entire production factory with Matt and @theshaperswife from the South Bay here to Encinitas, California). On any given day you if you cruise into the Bing Factory, you will see Adam, most likely in khakis and a white t-shirt covered in dust, making sure that everything that leaves these walls meets our incredibly high standards. So, here’s to Adam, #bingcraftsman. Thanks for all you do!

Photo: Stone Crandall

2015 MSA Surf Classic Recap

We are so proud of all of our Bing Surfboards team riders who competed in this years 2015 MSA Surf Classic at First Point, Malibu. The event was a huge success with great weather and even better swell. Here's how our talented Bing team did:

  • Mele Saili - 2nd Place Women's 20-24    //    4th Place Women's Logger Invitational 
  • James Parry - 10th Place Malibu Noseriding Championship
  • Reilly Stone - 2nd Place Men's 14-19
  • Jesse Hinkle - 1st Place Men's 20-29    //    18th Place Malibu Noseriding Championship 

2015 Leucadia Art Walk

A visual re-cap of our 2015 Leucadia Art Walk. It was a hot one this year, but that didn't seem to stop so many wonderful people from cruising the streets of Leucadia enjoying great art, live marching bands, and of course wonderful food. Our featured artist, Julie Goldstein, filled our patio with her incredible wood cut prints, while Seea Swimwear hosted a sample sale to rival all sample sales. A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by, and of course to Julie Goldstein and Seea Swimwear for helping make the event such a success.