New Vissla 7 Seas Wetsuits in Stock

Bing Surf Shop and have the new Vissla 7 Seas Wetsuit offerings available.
Come see us at the Bing Surf Shop in Encinitas, CA and we will get you set up with a quality wetsuit that will keep you warm during the cold water sessions.

Wavecrest Woodie Show 2016 Photo Gallery

Bing Copeland was busy all day, signing posters, books, stickers, hats, and even cars. Thanks to all that stopped by the Bing booth at the Wavecrest Woodie Show, in Encinitas CA this past weekend.. Hope you enjoyed talking surf with Bing, and hanging with the Bing crew.

Wavecrest Woodie Show 2016

This weekend, September 17th 2016 and Moonlight Beach, there will be the annual Wavecrest Woodie Show going down. Bing Copeland will be at the Bing Surfboards booth signing books and happily available to talk surf with any surf stoked grom from 10 - 100. Hope you can make it! For more information, visit the Wavecrest website by clicking here.

Bing Surfboards Book
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From the Archives

From time to time, we get requests from friends of Bing to track down any information about Bing boards that were made since '59. Greggo Hansen sent us a few photos, and the serial number of a model; from there, we contacted Bing to see if he has the original Board Certificate.

Bing replied, and supplied us with an image of the authentic Board Certificate.


If you find an old Bing, or if you ever have any questions about the Bing model you have, please contact us via Facebook!

Moms + Groms Labor Day & Back To School Sale Photo Recap

We’d like to thank our local surf community for all your support in joining in the fun at last Saturday’s Moms+Groms Back to School Celebration.  Special thanks to Bucket Ruckus for all the great tunes, Suja Juice and Nature’s Bakery for all the healthy snacks and to our neighbors Moto Deli for serving up some delicious gourmet sandwiches.  See you again next time at one of our Moms+Groms community family fun event! - MC

Leucadia Artwalk at Bing Surf Shop

This past Sunday, the streets of Leucadia were busier than ever this year for the Leucadia Art Walk 2016. At Bing Surf Shop, we stopped the flow with a sample sale from Seea, prints and art from Chris del Moro, and stunning Bahgsu Jewels by Magdi and Chris del Moro. Here are a few quick snaps from the day.