Bing Holiday Sale November 25th - 28th

Take advantage of some solid deals from Bing Surfboards for Black Friday - Cyber Monday! We are offering $100 Off Bing Surfboards ( use code 'bing100' online ), up to 50% Off Bing Gear ( priced as marked ), and 30% Off Storewide ( Bing Surf Shop, Encinitas, CA ). 

Also, we have some used boards on hand to sell between Friday - Sunday at Bing Surf Shop in Encinitas. On Friday, we will open the shop at 8am to start things off. Serious good deals on some used Bing Surfboards!




Bing Surfboards Board Review: The Collector

Bing Master Shaper Matt Calvani discusses the details of the board model, 'The Collector'. Built primarily as a mid-range, this board appeals to a broad range of surfers and surfing styles. To learn more about the Collector, watch the video and check out what we have in stock and in production! Custom orders are available.


Dave Rastovich Tests a Bing Sunfish V.2 by Nathan Oldfield

The first version of 'Dave Rastovich Tests a Bing Sunfish' shows Dave surfing a Bing Sunfish in medium sized surf, in which he demonstrates how well it can be ridden. In the second version, Dave rides a longer version of the Sunfish. The longer version allows for the same fish feel, but better control in bigger conditions. Check it, and get stoked for winter! Oh yeah, the board ridden in this video is also the same board Dave is riding on the cover of the most recent, 'The Surfers Journal'.


Good Times at Bing Surf Shop's 'Dark Currents' Surf Video Night

Bing's first Video Night Premiere, 'Dark Currents' was a success and even ended up in a dance party led by the fun crew from Aloha Beach Club. Thanks to all that made the event happen ( Richer Poorer, Banks Journal, Slowtide, Aloha Beach Club, Sunburnt Reynolds, Moto Deli, Coronado Brewing Co ), and all of our friends who made it to the event. We will be posting two videos from the night this week. 'Acclimate' by Evan Schell featuring Bing Ambassador Kahana Kalama, 'Dave Rastovich Tests a Bing Sunfish 2' by Nathan Oldfield featuring Dave Rastovich and a short film featuring Bing Rider Mick Rodgers by Soren Heil. Check back soon!

DARK CURRENTS: Video Night at Bing Surf Shop, October 15th

_Bing Surf Shop Flyer.jpg

On Saturday, October 15th at Bing Surf Shop we will be premiering our first Video Night Event from 6pm - 9pm showcasing videos from Nathan Oldfield ( David Rastovich ), Evan Schell ( Kahana Kalama ), ( Michele Lorusso ) Lola Mignot, and more.


Richer and Poorer, Banks, Aloha Beach Club, and Slowtide are all sponsoring the event as well as Moto Deli and Coronado Brewing Co. Save the date, we hope to see you there!

'Chez – Moi' a short film featuring Lola Mignot by Michele Lorusso

Michele Lorusso recently created a short film featuring Bing rider, Lola Mignot, titled 'Chez - Moi'. It was featured in a film festival in Mexico City. We will be playing the short film on the 15th of October during our VIDEO Night at Bing Surf Shop. To follow Michele on instagram, subscribe to @michelelorusso and visit his website for more of his work and info. Here are some photos during the shooting days in Sayulita, Mexico.