The Glider Gun

While in our factory in Encinitas that has been in continuous use for making surfboards since 1968, I came across a bunch of 30+ year old Clark foam Gun Blanks. I contacted the property owner and bought about eight of them. This board along with another one came out of a 10'7" Barnfield blank. They were perfect rocker and thickness to make a glider style single fin gun. The boards feature a healthy amount of nose rocker with a long flat tail rocker perfect for gliding on small waves yet can be ridden in big surf if it's not to steep. 


At 10'0" 23" wide and 3 3/4" thick it will work for anyone 150 lb to 240 lb. I think to fully appreciate this board one would need to come to our retail store to see it in person. I feel it's a very unique board that's currently not out in the market. I'm seriously considering making it a model so if the lure of the Clark blank isn't enough I'd be more than happy make a custom Bing Glider Gun.  - Matt Calvani

Coffee with Matt

Have questions about any of our models? Looking to add a new board to the quiver, and need a few answers before you do? Make sure to save the date, February 6th! Bing shaper, Matt Calvani will be at the Bing Surf Shop from 10am - 12pm to talk about the new model, the Sun Fish, as well as answer any of your questions you may have. Coffee and donuts will be provided, so no excuses, see you there!


Bing checking the view. Bing Surf Shop, Encinitas, CA

Bing checking the view. Bing Surf Shop, Encinitas, CA

He instantly made it clear that he is easy going and more than willing to hang for some shop talk. Being that I have read some of the 'Bing Surfboards' book by Paul Holmes, hearing him spill the details of the early Bing days was more than entertaining.

Bing sharing some history with the Bing Shop rats

Bing sharing some history with the Bing Shop rats

If you are interested in learning about Bing and over 50 years of Bing Surfboards, check out the Bing Surfboards book by Paul Holmes. Endless hours of history and imagery to keep you stoked for days.

It was a pleasure to have Bing Copeland come by the shop for a visit! Bing was in San Diego for short while to pay respects to longtime friend Larry Gordon.

Although the conditions of his visit were not ideal, he still made time to visit the Bing shop in Encinitas ( Leucadia ). It was my first time meeting him, and I was a bit nervous to meet and talk to such a legend.

Bing Copeland. Sharp as a tack.

Bing Copeland. Sharp as a tack.

We are planning another event at the Bing Shop in the near future, and we will be inviting Bing to join. Hopefully you can make it, and have a chance to meet him yourself. In the meantime, read up on the book, and be ready to talk shop when you show up!

- Paul Nett

Bing Surfboards Book
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The Joy of Surfing

A beautiful short film by Ruwac Productions featuring our own Matt Calvani and Mick Rodgers:

Featuring, in order of appearance: Ruebyn Ash, Matt Calvani, Mick Rodgers, Troy Mothershead, Joss Ash, Life Works Charity, Joel Tudor and son Tosh Tudor. HELPING TO RAISE AWARENESS OF CHARIRTY LIFE WORKS Directed by Simon Cotter

Mexi Log Fest 2016

Hola! We are so stoked to be sponsoring the Mexi Log Fesr this year. They are raffling off these 4 brand new beautiful Bing longboards plus a bunch of other goodies to help raise funds for the Event & Tag Team contest taking place in February 19-21, 2016 in Sayulita, Mexico, tickets are $100 a piece. 1 in 10 tickets will be prize winners. 

Buy tickets directly from the event website