Now Hiring: E-Commerce and Inventory Manager

Bing eCommerce + Inventory Manager

Bing Surfboards is a surfboard manufacturer and retail seller of high quality, made in CA surfboards and soft goods within the action sports industry. Bing was originally established in 1959 by Bing Copeland and has a large influence, history and participation within the surf industry. Our factory is based in Encinitas, CA along with an official Bing retail store on the Coast Hwy in Encinitas just two miles from the manufacturing facility. We are seeking a self-motivated, dynamic individual to plan, maintain, and manage eCommerce and merchandise inventories. 


-    Add, update and manage products, inventory and orders for
-    Manage Bing merchandise inventory and transfers for wholesale and retail
-    Facilitate merchandise order fulfillment
-    Lead customer service for online orders
-    Assist with weekly product shoots and image processing
-    Assist with events management for public outreach through the Bing retail surf shop

This description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of duties, responsibilities or qualifications associated with the position. 

This is a full-time position. Please send resumes to


-    Experience in eCommerce maintenance and management required
-    Experience with Square Space preferred but not required
-    Proficient in Excel required
-    Proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator preferred but not required
-    Experience with Retail Pro and Quickbooks preferred but not required
-    Must be self-motivated, goal oriented and able to multi task
-    Strong verbal and written communication skills with an attention to detail
-    A quick learner with strong problem solving skills
-    Creative thinker


Ondre Nostre | Atlantic Shores is a short film by ONDE NOSTRE in collaboration with PURE SURFCAMPS featuring Bing rider, Ale Ponzanelli and Federico Nesti surfing the exotic European west coast. Visually, this video is stunning and beautifully shot. Give it a watch!

A Block10 Production
Art Director Luca Merli
Filming by Filippo Maffei
Edit by Giovanni Barberis
Music by Raging Serfs "Planet"


Catching Up with Bing Rider: Mick Rodgers

Photography: Cole Beal

B: Happy Birthday Mick! What did you do?

M: Beach with the boys and some beers...pretty simple but never disappoints.

B: You are working on a new model, can you give us any details?

M: Matt Calvani and I have gone back to the think-tank to come up with another board. Where my current model is more an all-around noserider with and emphasis on turning and speed, the new one will be more noseride oriented. We have combined a bunch of boards, taking design elements I have enjoyed from a few of the current Bing noseriders and mixing it with some influences from Cooperfish and Con Surfboards. It is a lively noserider that allows a lot of tweaking and control from the nose. Been having a blast on the thing lately, and think people will enjoy it.

"Beach with the boys and some beers.. pretty simple but never disappoints."

9'4" Mr. Rodgers - #8979

Fins: Single box, fiberglass fin included
Color:  Clear volan top and bottom, 2-stringer (bass) with black foam t-band and offset glue lines, gloss/polish

Designed in collaboration with Bing rider, Mick Rodgers, the Mr. Rodgers is a Nuuhiwa/Rick Noserider-influenced noserider that is designed for ample lift while still maintaining forward trim speed and turning ability. The blended concave creates smooth noserides and control on the tip, and the slightly pulled in nose fits snugly in the pocket. The gradual curve in the outline compliments the turned-up rail-line in the tail allowing loose smooth turns and more control when setting up for noserides. The slight roll in the bottom and flatter rocker creates smoother transitions and improved trim. The Mr. Rodgers performs in a variety of conditions but excels in points and beach breaks, especially if there’s a little punch.  Average nose: 18”, Average tail: 16 ½”

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B: You and Soren Heil have been working on a new short film. How is it coming along? What should we expect? When will it be done? ( froth )

M: It has been quite the process, filming over the past year. It focuses on my current "mobile" living  situation, and how its affected my life. should be out shortly.

B: Can you suggest the best fins to use with the Mr. Rodgers Model?

M: It's hard to mess with the Greenough 4a, just a great all-around fin. I usually prefer a bit a flex in my fins, you get more drive and projections in turns, and I feel you get more control/steerability from the nose.

B: Any new travels in the near future?

M: There is a potential Mex adventure down the road...but until then looking to do an mission up north along the California coast. Take my time and make a couple pit stops on way. Should be a hoot...

To learn more about Mick Rodgers, visit his team page here on 

Bing's 80th Birthday Photo Gallery

Photographer Mike Mcintire shot some photos from the event at Bing Surf Shop for Bing's 80th Birthday. Good times were in order for all those who attended. Thanks to Left Coast Brewery, Malibu Vineyards, and Fish 101 for the tasty beverages and amazing fish tacos! 


... a few more to check out from the Bing Crew...

Surfing movie stuntwoman double Linda Benson and surfing guru Henry Ford

Surfing movie stuntwoman double Linda Benson and surfing guru Henry Ford

More Photos:

Encinitas Advocate has posted some as well! 

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Catching up with Bing Rider: Mele Saili

Photography: Cole Beal @colebeal

Style for miles. Mele Saili. photo: Cole Beal

Style for miles. Mele Saili. photo: Cole Beal

B: Where are you travelling to next?

M: I'll be off to Australia beginning March 23rd with a group of girls:
Erin Ashley (worm) - Profesh Longboarder
Hayley Gordon- Surfer/Videographer
Sarah Taylor- Short board extraordinaire
We plan on renting a surf mobile and  doing a drive thru of the coast, surfing and meeting up with our Aussy friends along the way.
We're documenting the fun, so keep your eyes peeled for a video soon after at

B: Who do you find the most influential in your surfing?

M: There are two women in particular that I drawn most of my inspiration from. I've always looked up to Jen Smith because we grew up in the same town and I saw how she got to travel the world and essentially went on to make a career as a woman longboarder and a world champion. The other is someone I've always and will forever admire - Rell Sunn  the a master of style and flow, I find inspiration in her surfing every day.

B: What Bing Models are you riding these days?

M: I've been bouncing back and forth between the Silver Spoon and the Elevator lately. For the days that are smaller and softer I'll take out the Silver Spoon and for the days that stand up a little more with a steeper wave I'll take out the Elevator.

B: Are you working on a board model?

M: I'm looking forward to working with Matt Calvani on a new a low volume nose rider to add to the line up of Bing models. I'll keep you all posted on what we come up with!

B: When did you start surfing and where?

I come from a family of surfers and shapers who have deep roots in San Diego surf history. So surfing seemed like something that was always encouraged.
I started surfing at age 12 on my dad's 10'0 Gordon and Smith.
He'd would take my younger twin sisters and I down to Tourmaline Surf Park in Pacific Beach almost every day and essentially that beach became our second home. A couple years after learning to surf I started competing and soon after started winning. Eventually, allowing me to traveling to different parts of the world - it's been a real blessing.

Mele Saili. Always an eye on the horizon.

Mele Saili. Always an eye on the horizon.

To learn more about Mele Saili, visit her team page here on 

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