Win a Mentawai Surf Trip!

SurfAid is proud to announce their  first ever GET ON BOARD campaign to win a Mentawai Surf Trip.

The Mentawai and Nias islands, off Indonesia’s Sumatran coast, are home to some of the most perfect surf breaks in the world. A dream destination for surfers. But look past the azure blue waters, and near perfect waves, and you’ll see a people challenged by regularly occurring natural disasters and disease.

Since 2000, SurfAid has been working to improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of the Mentawai and Nias people through education programs involving nutrition, hygiene and disease prevention. SurfAid has also taught Emergency  Preparedness programs and provided disaster response to help prepare for and recover from devastating earthquakes and tsunamis.

SurfAid partnered with Quiksilver Foundation and San Diego State University to offer two...yes two....spots on a chartered boat to surf the world class Mentawai waves and more.  Just be the top fundraiser and those two spots are yours. To get started, check out our campaign information page and from there, create your fundraising page.