Good Times at Bing Surf Shop's 'Dark Currents' Surf Video Night

Bing's first Video Night Premiere, 'Dark Currents' was a success and even ended up in a dance party led by the fun crew from Aloha Beach Club. Thanks to all that made the event happen ( Richer Poorer, Banks Journal, Slowtide, Aloha Beach Club, Sunburnt Reynolds, Moto Deli, Coronado Brewing Co ), and all of our friends who made it to the event. We will be posting two videos from the night this week. 'Acclimate' by Evan Schell featuring Bing Ambassador Kahana Kalama, 'Dave Rastovich Tests a Bing Sunfish 2' by Nathan Oldfield featuring Dave Rastovich and a short film featuring Bing Rider Mick Rodgers by Soren Heil. Check back soon!