Catching up with Bing Rider: Dean Petty

Photography: Thomas Terrell

B: Howdy Dean, been a while, what’s new with you?
DP: Well. I survived another Nova Scotia winter. That's always a good thing. We had a pretty mellow one all things considered. Got a few big snow storms and lots of great waves! But I'm ready for spring. Its gets harder and harder to motivate to get in the 6mm after a long winter. Yesterday the water was as cold as it gets -1 degree Celsius.  Bring on the booty-less longboard days! Between storms I'm flat out in the coffee world with my roastery.... Anchored Coffee. I'm also in the throws of opening a Pizza joint called Yeah Yeahs Pizza in the same space at the roastery. Busy times :)

Bing Bueno Life Model

Bing Bueno Life Model

B: What fin do you suggest to use with the Bueno Life?
DP: I have been riding a kinda raked out, slightly flexi fin in the Bueno with a fairly wide base. I like how it flexes and drives me off the bottom, but still holds me in the pocket. As you might be able to tell, I have a bad memory for names of things! 

B: What shortboards do you have in your quiver as well?
DP: I have been loving my 7'0 Bing Pintail Mini; basically been riding it all winter. So much fun. Amazing paddle power and the thing turns like a full on shortboard. Its a blast. I also ride my Dharma 2.0 a lot when the waves are less perfect. Huge fan of my 5'6 Bing Twin Keel Fish. It goes so well on the points up here. Big drawn out lines. I recently added a 5'10 Bing Dart to my quiver for when it gets a little more critical. Its a super fast, ultra responsive little board. Great in steeper faces and bigger stuff. Thats the closest thing I have to a proper shortboard in my quiver. 

"Yesterday the water was as cold as it gets - 1 degree Celsius. Bring on the booty-less longboard days!"

B: The Bueno Life Model has been a hit. Any feedback on how it's riding for you?
DP: It's love! Im really getting all the things that Matt and I set out to achieve in this board. Loggy and loose. I have always searched for a longboard that holds crazy good in the pocket for nose riding, while having the looseness I want in the turning department to get a bit weird. The Bueno is delivering! 

B: You recently hit up Big Sur. Such an amazing place. How was it?
DP: Oh it was the best. I cruised down the coast from San Fran with my brother (Mac Petty) and pal (Alex) in his 1983 Toyota Sunraider Camper. We got some really fun waves at a place I can't remember the name of.... little right hander off a big ol' rock. Very nice little peeler for the Dharma 2.0. Very shredable. That stretch of coast is so insanely beautiful. Its hard to not pull over around every corner to try and capture it.