The Church of the Open Sky: Available Now on Vimeo!

You can find the video here:

'I've been making surf films independently now for over fifteen years now (but it's never been my day job, I'm also a primary school teacher) and the landscape has definitely changed in that time. It’s an interesting and challenging time to be a surf filmmaker, in this brave new world of two minute web clips and digital distribution.'

'For this film I have decided to avoid distributors altogether and to just have a go at it on my own. Vimeo-On-Demand is a great platform for indie filmmakers like me because it enables you to side-step the distribution middle-man who usually takes a cut of over half a film’s profit. But at the same time it’s a bit of an experiment for me to go out on my own with distribution. It’s a risk because I’ve poured so much of myself into this film, my time, my money, my energy and my heart. But because I’m a self-funded independent filmmaker, I want to have a shot at being independent in how I share the film with the world.'

Thanks for supporting indie surf filmmaking.

Warmest aloha, Nathan.