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20686 9'6" ELEVATOR

$1,715.00 USD

A new Bing longboard design collaboration by Israel Preciado and Matt Calvani, the 'Izzy Rider' is an all-around fun longboard meant for all skill levels. Whether you are just getting into longboarding or are a seasoned logger, you'll find the Izzy Rider forgiving yet functional and suited for a broad spectrum of wave conditions.

After years of riding different longboard models from Bing Surfboards, I envisioned taking my favorite "parts" from each one of them and combining them into one board (the Izzy Rider). Starting with the step deck on the tail (borrowed from the Silver Spoon) will help you lock in some sweet long pocket noserides. To the slightly hard edge rail and vee panel on the tail (borrowed from the Lovebird) that will make your turns effortless and powerful. Then the middle bottom of the board is flat allowing you to trim smoothly through fast or mushy sections, and the subtle concave in the nose is for noseriding through any section in front of you. As a finishing touch, Matt added a sweet flip on the tip of the nose for easy wave entry. - Israel Preciado, Bing Team Rider

Average nose: 18"
Average tail: 16.25"

(2) 3/16" Darkwood stringers

#144 Orange Tint T+B



single box

fiberglass fin inc.