Josh Gandulla // Encinitas, California

Josh Gandulla has been with Bing Surfboards for over half his life. After starting to surf around the age of 11 he progressed quickly and was able to join the Bing Surf team. Josh said his competitive career peaked in his teens when he won the NSSA Nationals in High School. Josh states “I’ve always felt really lucky to ride for a company with such a great history and to be involved with Matt Calvani who has always shaped such great boards for me.”

After high school Josh was able to travel and spend a lot of time in Australia surfing epic point breaks from Byron/Noosa on the Gold Coast to Bells/Winkipop on the Sunshine Coast. Josh even competed one year at the Noosa Festival representing the Bing Surfboards team. He was able to delay his return home by detouring over to Indonesia for a while. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity to surf the famous Indo reef passes.

Upon returning home Josh attended UCSB and ended up becoming the captain of the UCSB surf team by his senior year. He graduated with a degree in Business Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurship. After graduation he moved to San Francisco and now calls the cold waters of Northern California his home. Keep an eye out at any point up there for his smooth style and quick footwork. Josh knows how to spend most of his water time up on the nose.

Instagram: @jgandoolla