Fin: Single box, fiberglass fin included
Color/Finish: concrete green tint T+B, patch, gloss/polish

This board is currently in production. Final board details and price is subject to change due to potential revisions during the production process.

Shipping charges will be assessed and collected at the time of completion. Please contact sales@bingsurf.com for estimated shipping costs. We ship worldwide!

Custom prototype stubbie with Alpha pin bottom contours, more rounded outline and stub tail.

"I started the Ghost Lam Project to introduce proven and tested new hand shapes that aren't currently models yet. These will be signed and numbered as to be limited in production till we decide to make them a permanent model if demand persists. Every board will have a brief description and basics dimensions. Once they became models they will then be added to our model page as well as stocking them on our inventory, retail store, and web store. You could say the project is driven by consumer consensus.  As with all Bings boards they can be custom ordered on request. We hope you look for updates to see the project evolve and grow.

What models do you want to see in the Bing line up?" - Matt Calvani