14475 9'6" PIG BALSA REPLICA 60th

$7,500.00 USD

Fin:  Wood D Fin

Color/Finish: Coming soon.

To commemorate the 60th Anniversary milestone in 2019, Bing Surfboards is pleased to release a one-time replica 6-surfboard series built and photographed in 1964.

This special “pig” series represents some of the earliest Bing Surfboards to be built during the brand’s rise in surfing history.The early Bing Surfboards pig shape was uniquely refined with its pulled-in nose and tail proportions, which made the design both aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional during a time where this shape was widely ridden on not just the west and east coasts, but also in Hawaii. Though the original boards shown in this photograph have never re-surfaced in the collectors’ circles, designer and head shaper, Matt Calvani wentto great lengths to replicate the boards in their exact detail. After several discussions with Bing Copeland about his recollection of the boards, the boarddimensions and stringers were scaled up from the drawings, as well as their logos.

Classic density foam was used in the construction along withredwood, cedar, and balsa wood for the stringers and tailblocks. All but the balsa surfboard are glassed in 10-ounce volan fiberglass and colored ingloss pigment on the hotcoats by master craftsman, Sam Cody in Bing Surfboards’ present-day Encinitas, California factory. Each surfboard in this 60th Commemoration Collection is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity that features an official Bing 60th Anniversaryemblem matching the one on the surfboard and will be signed by Bing Surfboards founder, Bing Copeland and shaper/designer, Matt Calvani.