16984 8'8" PIGFORMER

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Fins: Single box, fiberglass fin included
Color/Finish: 1/8' Applecore Stringer, Clear T+B, patch, sand finish

The Pigformer the result of extensive riding the Pig Pin and wanting more performance characteristics then it's counter part the Pig Pin. The main differences are the swallow tail rather then the square tail for a bit more bite and a sharper more pivot turn off the top and bottom of the wave. Adding tail rocker complimented the extra responsiveness. By eliminating the single concave the board felt free to turn were I want opposed to the concave that set a line to trim. By thinning out the board this added a ton more sensitivity while losing very little paddling and wave catching ability. Take in contact consideration that I weigh 155 pound and would order the board based of the overall dimensions and volume that range from 8'6" to 9'2". With 35 years of surfing I can say it's one of the funnest boards I've ever ridden, Enjoy! - Matt Calvani

Nose 16.25"
Tail: 15.25"