15669 6'2" WING QUAD FISH

$1,005.00 USD

ins: Futures Quad, production Fins included
Color/Finish: light blue T&B, patch, sanded gloss

This board is currently in production. Final board details and price is subject to change due to potential revisions during the production process.

Shipping charges will be assessed and collected at the time of completion. Please contact sales@bingsurf.com for estimated shipping costs. We ship worldwide!


This quad-fin fish surfboard was designed with more down-the-line speed in mind.  Compared to the Quad Q4, which has more curve throughout, this board is intended to have the same speed as a twin-fin with the control and hold of a standard quad.  This board comes standard with Fusion, Futures or FCSII boxes and a set of quad fins.

Average nose: 16.25", Average Tail: 16.5"