16059 6'3" PUCK

$1,065.00 USD

Fins: Futures quad, production fins included
Color/finish: 1/8" applecore, Mustard Opaque tint T+B, patch, sanded gloss

The answer to the backside limitation of the keel fish, the Puck is a slight variation and progression from the Bing Mini Simmons design. Adopting the same outline, deck and bottom contours and thinned out arc tail design, the Puck is configured with a quad fin setup for added sensitivity and maneuverability, quick directional change capability and more control in powerful hollower surf. The board has a little nose rocker that runs straight through with no concave in the bottom and an S deck that pushes up the rocker so that you can maintain volume but increase paddle ability. These features combined with the rolled entry with vee going out the tail allow the Puck to thrive in mushy waves, coasting through slow sections and racing through fast sections. Ideal for longboarders looking to transition to a shorter board or shortboarders looking for the ultimate small-wave wizard, the Puck is tons of fun for everyone!

Average nose: 19”, Average tail: 18.5”