22200 7'8" FOIL TWIN

$1,365.00 USD

After many years of making the Maui Foil and the Pintail Mini, I wanted to shape a blend of the two boards. We've had a lot of success with the Pintail Mini mostly because of the relaxed rocker, fuller outline and a well balanced thickness and foil. While the Maui Foil has been a bigger wave alternative egg, I wanted to expand on its timeless curves. By widening the Maui Foil center width as well as the nose and tail, and adding the Pintail Mini's rocker and foil, we come up with an eye pleasing, very versatile refined egg shape. Where the Pintail Mini draws smooth seamless lines, The Foil's rounder pintail will allow more freedom and release especially on top turns. This is key in expanding our midrange options to more specifically tailored surfers needs.

Average nose: 16.5"
Average Tail: 15.24

1/8" Applecore stringer

#5185 Tint Reverse/Clear bottom



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