23131 9'0" MAJESTIC

$1,625.00 USD

If the name “Majestic” connotates thoughts of royalty to you you’re on the right track, as this model is developed from a previous Bing with strong roots and a long heritage.

For the Majestic Matt started with the chassis of the Bing Pipeliner and modified it to suit today’s progressive surfing. Having always loved the outline of this famous Dick Brewer/Bing Copeland collaboration along with the foil, rail line and nose configuration Matt wanted to keep those aspects intact but make the design valid for today’s style of surfing.

The original Pipeliner was a classic medium to large wave longboard designed for smooth surfing that excelled at drawing long lines, which are a traits Matt wanted to maintain. Where his changes, or updates, occur is in the bottom and modified rail line.

Matt found that by updating the bottom with a pronounced double concave with V that continues off the tail and changing the rail line to a crisp downrail in the tail the board came alive. Much more maneuverable than the outline suggests, the Majestic is surprising loose but solid when turning, changing direction and going rail to rail. While the rail in the tail is a hard downrail, that combined with the bottom makes for fast positive surfing, the nose rail reflects the original design of the Pipeliner. By making the rail from the nose to the tail a continuous clean and flowing rail line Matt kept the heritage of the Pipeliner intact while improving the overall performance of the Majestic.

The Majestic is a special model in our catalog of longboards, it is not a noserider. While the Majestic falls into the same genre as our Glider and The Spoiler it surfs completely different than both of these popular models. Slightly narrower, thinner and extremely foiled the Majestic is a unique experience all its own. As with the original Pipeliner, the Majestic is perfect for clean smooth surfing with down the line drive. The changes in the bottom and rail add a new dimension of maneuverability that makes this model ideal for a surfer that is looking for a longboard that comes alive in any size wave.

1/2" Darkwood stringer

  #1525 Burnt Amber Tint T+B



single box

fiberglass fin inc.