12661 9'6 JAMES PARRY

Fins: single box, fiberglass fin included
Color/Finish: 2-stringer (bass), Matt TBD color, patch, gloss/polish, single box

"The ideas and inspiration of the shape of this board stemmed from the iconic noseriders from the late 1960's. Over the last year, Matt and I developed and modified several variations until we arrived at the final version. The model has a blended concave that creates an uninterrupted bottom contour from nose to tail, giving the board a natural lift for critical noserides while maintaining its speed through sections. A little added volume in the nose increases stability when walking back through slopey sections. The subtle V starting just in front of the fin makes turning the board easier, tighter and allows for precise positioning on the wave. It was essential to enhance the versatility of the entire board, which successfully ensures it is suitable for all conditions, including beach breaks, point breaks, fat and steep waves. It also boasts design to suit all abilities." - James Parry (Sennen, United Kingdom)

Average Nose: 18 1/4"
Average Tail: 16 1/2"

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