Smooth Radical / The Keith Paull Story

Keith Paull and Bing Copeland worked together in the late 60s / early 70s to create some of the midlength and shortboards that are still in our lineup of boards today.

"The incredible rise and dramatic fall of surfing superstar Keith Paull is finally told by those who knew him best - in this one and only book about his life. The whole story is here, revealing one of the most internationally admired pro-surfer/shapers the Gold Coast has ever produced. The raw truth, shared by his family, his mates, photographers, peers and his spirited competition in the surf - everyone who knew and loved the effortlessly smooth and yet destructively radical KP." 


As told by:

Albe Falzon - Nat Young - Bob McTavish - Wayne Lynch - Rob Conneeley - Wayne Bartholomew - Colette Paull - Peter Townend - Garry Birdsall - Bing Copeland - Randy Rarick - Gordon Merchant - Tommy Peterson - Baddy Treloar - Jack McCoy - Chris Brock - Stephen Cooney - Paul Neilsen - Richard Harvey, Kiwi White and David Sumpter amongst others.


Photos by Dick Hoole - Jack McCoy - Albe Falzon - Greg MacGillivray - John Witzig and many more

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