Another collaborative design by Chris Del Moro and Matt Calvani, the Spork has become a staple in CDM’s daily and travel quiver.  Epitomizing Matt’s design philosophy “performance made easy”, the Spork is the most high performance board in the Bing lineup.  A shortboard that is suited for all conditions, this lighting fast quad excels in anything from beach breaks to top-to-bottom point breaks such as Kirra or Rincon and will lock you into your barrel. Matt combines a well-balanced outline (with a wider middle), flatter entry rocker, no concave front going into a double concave out the tail with less foam than your average hybrid to harness tremendous paddle ability as well as front foot drive and hard pocket gouges.  Available with a round pin, squash or swallow tail as well as a 5-fin configuration, the Spork should be ridden 2-4” shorter than your standard thruster. Average nose: 14 ¼”, Average tail: 14 ½”

Size Width Thickness Volume
5'2" 18.25 2.0625
5'4" 18.5 2.125
5'6" 18.75 2.125
5'8" 19.25 2.1875
5'10" 19.375 2.25 26.50
6'0" 19.375 2.3125 27.30
6'2" 19.4375 2.375 30.40
6'4" 19.5 2.5 33.20
6'6" 19.75 2.6875 35