Salty Merchants - Electric Twins Semi Keel


Salty Merchants - Electric Twins Semi Keel


The Electric Twins - SEMI KEEL template is an amazing mash of our 2 favourite ever twin fin templates. Meeting between the MR and the Rasta Keel we have achived a balance of speed and drive that is not to stiff to release when wanted. 

You can also ride the Electric Twin Semi Keels with a small stabiliser middle fin for extra control and drive in larger waves or boards not traditionally set up as a twin fin.

  • Solid Glass
  • Hand Foiled
  • Cord Fin Bag
  • FCS or Futures base


  • Base: 148 mm
  • Height: 149.5 mm
  • Foil: 80/20
  • Construction: Solid glass
  • Fin Cant: 4.5 degrees
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