Vissla - Shonan Japanese 3.5 - Black - LARGE


Vissla - Shonan Japanese 3.5 - Black - LARGE


The "Shonan" VISSLA wetsuit by RASH Japanese Manufacturing Company is made from the highest quality kobe limestone neoprene. The fit, flexibility, thickness, water-permeability, and stretch are designed to keep you, the surfer, the warmest and most comfortable for the longest period of time. Born out of necessity, but sustained by craftsmen expertise in a small wetsuit factory across from the legendary Inamura surf break, RASH has dedicated itself to perfecting the Japanese surfing wetsuit for almost 40 years. Vissla is proud to collaborate with Rash on the “Shonan" wetsuit. 

• Made of 100% Kobe Japanese neoprene, made from the highest-grade limestone currently available
• 99.7% water impermeable because of its cell structure. This translates into a lighter, warmer, more flexible, and more durable wetsuit
• Ultra stretch Japanese stretch jersey 

• These Bespoke wetsuits are crafted one at a time, hand made in a small factory near the beach by Japanese craftsmen who are core surfers. They use three-dimensional cutting and patterns developed over decades to make the best fitting most comfortable wetsuit for performance surfing imaginable. 
• Entry: "Triangle No Zip" is the easiest suit to get on and off. Vissla’s premium Japanese collection of suits provides a less restrictive closure on the shoulders, which decreases resistance and allows for maximum freedom for paddling. 

• The “Shonan" wetsuit is glued, blind-stitched, and taped in high-stress areas using Reinforcement Tape. After vigorous testing in a temperature controlled facility, RASH developed an exclusive glue and gluing process that is so effective, that it eliminates the need for fully taped seams, allowing for increased flexibility and watertight seams. 
• Wrist Ring: Our exclusive double cuff design prevents any water from entering the sleeves of the wetsuit. 

• Treat with special care! You just bought a premium Japanese made wetsuit please treat it like one. 
• Rinse wetsuit thoroughly inside and out with fresh water
• Hang dry in a cool shaded area and avoid hanging in direct sun light. While not using, store your suit in a cool area, preferably on a wetsuit hanger. 
• When changing after surfing, avoid standing on the wetsuit. This will cause extra stress to the rubber & seams, which can result in a tear. 

• 1 year from original purchase date on all seams. 
• 1 year from original purchase date on neoprene. 

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