Artist Susan Wickstrand & Her Custom Bing

May 11, 2015

Last week Artist Susan Wickstrand came by the Bing Surfboards factory to put the final touches on her 100% custom 9’4″ Bing Pintail. Bing Surfboards owner and head shaper, Matt Calvani, shaped the board before Susan’s artwork was glassed into it. Just before the final gloss and polish Susan came by hand painted her final touches. Matt then signed and numbered the board on the stringer, before Susan put her signature on the tail. It was really special to see so many talented people come together to create such a beautiful piece of surf art. The board is now off on a world tour. It was premiered this past weekend here in Encinitas, before jetting off to The Greenroom Festival in Japan, and then finally Hawaii. Whew!
















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