Pig Performer Series

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A new style of board for a new era of stylish surfing, combining attributes from all eras. Imagine the glide and trim from the 60's combined with Jeff Hackman’s style from the 70's and 80’s Tom Curren on a bladed out narrow gun in Hawaii.

I was inspired by the early 60s pig outline because I found that wide-point-back longboards make for the loosest boards, a design element that dominates all other elements including rocker, rails, and foil. Then I set out to design a board that was 8'6" but turned like a 7'6" and paddled like a 9’6” by balancing the design elements. I started with a refined flat rocker for glide, speed, and paddling. Then added the key to smooth-turning which is a refined, thinned out, down-rail at the wide point to give control and hold in bigger waves. The outcome was astonishing.  The wave catching was way beyond my expectations, and my conclusion was the narrow nose and volume in the tail pointed the board down the swell, consequently catching the wave sooner with much less effort. The turning was next level for a board of its size.  The Pigformer Series boards are a breath of fresh air for any surfer seriously looking for a style of board that is easy and satisfying in every way.

✔️ Easy paddling / wave-catcher ✔️ Works in small, undesirable conditions ✔️ Replaces a longboard when it's peaky and dumpy ✔️ Replaces a mid range at high-tide rolling, soft waves ✔️ Replaces a shortboard in crowded conditions ✔️ Replaces a gun on crowded, hard-to-catch waves ✔️ Less bulky then longboard and lighter in weight ✔️ Narrower and easy to carry to surf break ✔️ Can be made with any fin configuration ✔️ Choose between three different styles to suit your style

Pigformer and Pigformer 2+1

After extensively riding the Pig Pin and wanting more performance characteristics, I designed the Pigformer. The key difference between the two models is the swallow tail rather than the square tail for more bite and a sharper, more pivot turn off the top and bottom of the wave. I also added more tail rocker to compliment the extra responsiveness. Then by eliminating the single concave, the board felt free to turn where I wanted it to, opposed to the concave of the Pig Pin, that set a line to trim. Lastly by thinning out the board, it added a lot more sensitivity without losing too much paddle and wave catching ability. With 35 years of surfing I can say it's one of the funnest boards I've ever ridden!

Average nose: 16.25"
Average tail: 15.25"

Size Width Thickness Volume
8'6" 22.625 2.75 57.8
8'8" 22.75 2.75 59.0
8'10" 22.875 2.75 60.6
9'0" 23 2.875 64.7
9'2" 23.125 2.875 69

Pig Pin

The Pig Pin is the first of the Pig Performers I designed. Ranging from 8’6” to 9’2” I would recommend this board for someone looking for an ultra smooth cruiser feel rather than its squaretail counterpart, the Pigformer. The Pig Pin is designed to turn like a smaller mid range because of the wide point back and narrow nose reminiscent of the early 60’s pigs. The key differences from the Pigformer are the pin tail and lower rocker in the tail complimented by a single concave in the middle. Its flatter rocker gives the board excellent paddle, glide, and wave catching that acts like a much longer board.. Aside from that, the boards’ design philosophies are the same. Their unique combination of elements have given me a ton of stoke as an alternative to short and long boards.

Average nose: 16.25"
Average tail: 15.25"

Size Width Thickness Volume
8'6" 22.625 2.875 60.1
8'8" 22.75 2.875 61.5
8'10" 22.875 3 66.2
9'0" 23 3 67.7
9'2" 23.125 3.125 70.2

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