'BA' Logo Story. The Evolution of Surfboard Graphic Design.

November 18, 2020


Bing and Rick Surfboards Surf Shop Hermosa Beach 1959We'd been surfing with our friend Stu Linder who was pretty artistic. Stu donated his time giving our little beach shop a Polynesian look. Now we had a shop and we needed a logo. Stu again came to our aid and came up with what has become known as the BA logo.

Bing and Rick Surfboards Hermosa Beach 1960The BA Logo had a drawing of a little guy bent over surfing a wave. At the time the term BA (Bare Ass) didn't exist it was just a cool logo similar to Greg Noll's logo with a cartoon character.

Bing and Rick Surfboards - Greg Noll Surfboards

If my history is correct the BA came about a few years later when surfers at the Trestle would drop their shorts and bend over as the train to San Diego would whizz past giving the passengers their first impression of surfers.

Surfboards By Bing BA LogoI only used that logo for about a year when I came up with the more famous blue (cat eye) logo and the rest, as they say is history.

Bing Surfboards Cat Eye Logo

A little back story on Stu Linder. Stu went on to become a well known film editor in Hollywood editing such films as "Rain Man" with Dustin Hoffman and "Grand Prix" for which he won an Oscar.

- Bing Copeland

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