Bing Ambassador Lex Weinstein in Morocco with We Are Creative Adventures

January 31, 2018

Words by Lex Weinstein

I received an email from Margaret ( @theshaperswife ) one day that honestly, I'll never forget. It was an introduction to her friend Giulia Bacci, founder of a company called WE ARE Creative Adventurers creating alternative retreat experiences for female surfers, Giulia was interested in having me host one of her retreats, which meant getting to pick any destination on the globe and design the itinerary which included a creative workshop and a community volunteer project. I couldn't say yes fast enough.

Fast forward 6 months and I'm standing in the courtyard of a Moroccan rijad, greeting ten brave travellers and complete strangers down for adventure. We started the trip by exploring the winding maze that is the city of Markaesh, stopping in ancient temples and apothecaries, shopping in caves with handwoven rugs and blankets draped from floor to ceiling, with the buzzing sounds of motorbikes and fragrant wafts of spices around every corner.

Next, we traveled to the desert, camping in rustic tents surrounded by undulating sand dunes as far as the eye could see, spending day trips visiting the traditional Berber villages of the Atlas mountains. I hosted a writing workshop as the sun went down behind the dunes challenging the group to describe the indescribable...we may have failed but was a beautiful attempt.

Of course, saving the best for last, we spent the final 4 days of the trip to Immsouane, surfing the perfect right point break that is the Magic Bay. It was small but perfect, and we were in lady log heaven. Hamid and the guys at Olo Surf Nature took care of us like royalty, lending me an epic 9'4" Levitator that became a close comrade. They planned beach bonfires, fresh fish cook ups, and dance parties for once the sun went down. We were in heaven.

On the last day we looked around -- how did we once feel like strangers? What was life before this trip, before our sisterhood and a list of incredible experiences too long to even start? This beautiful group of artists, creatives, bodyworkers, designers, Mothers, and business owners had just become a family, and a tribe that would never forget this experience for the rest of our days.

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