August 06, 2020


The BING Pigformer subtly mixes maximum trim time and maneuverability. This makes the small days feel like a stroll around town on your favorite beach cruiser. But don't be fooled, get the Pigformer in any conditions, from 1ft to overhead, you will be flying down the line! I rode an 8'0" Bing Pigformer 2+1 with a 7.5" Bing Pivot Flex fin.

Bing Sessions Will Allen Photo Ridge BenBen

On the other hand, the BING Stubbie is a board that can engage on rail like a hot knife through butter. Whether you want to hit the whitewash on an end section or throw down a grab rail carve, this board does it all. I rode a 7'6" BING Stubbie. I used a 7.5" Bing Pivot Flex Fin.

Bing Sessions Will Allen Photo Ridge BenBen

These two boards are recent additions to the Bing lineup and they attest to Matt's creative gift in innovative board design. This was also the first session Ryan and I filmed, big thanks to Ryan for working hard on filming and editing this project. Also thanks to Paul Nett for helping us further create the "Bing Series Vision".

Hope you all enjoy it. - Will Allen

To learn more about the Bing Pig Performer Series, click here.
To learn more about the Bing Stubbie Model, click here.

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