September 17, 2020

Filmed by Rio Gifford and Edited by Ryan Cannon / Log Rap

The seventh episode of the BING SESSIONS series features the always frothy Bing rider, Will Allen riding two custom shortboards he worked with Matt Calvani to create. A twin fin with channels / swallow tail and a Bing Spork.

Bing Surf Sessions Will Allen
Photo: Titus Anthony

Favorite shortboard I have ever owned. Perfect mix of a fish and a high performance quad. Board goes heaps fast and turns like a hot knife through butter. Not many people know how awesome this board is. Custom orders are the way to go!! - Will Allen

6'4" Channel Twin Prototype:
Matt made this style of prototype for Chris Del Moro last year and I immediately thought the board looked insane. So I asked Matt if I could get one shaped and he made me a 6”4 twin fin loaded with pure fun. This board surfed well in any size or condition. I even rode it in Hawaii. This board proves that Matt is not just a longboard shaper. He can shape any board for any condition. Let him know what board you are dreaming and thinking of because he’s got a board for you. - Will Allen

Bing Surfboards Will Allen Marcus Emerson
Photos: Marcus Emerson

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May 17, 2023

Bing family member and team rider Tom Craig has been a surf stoked grommet for over 5o years. He’s also got quite the collection of vintage Bing surfboards in his quiver. What better way to share the stoke with family and friends on the Central Coast than to hold the 1st ever BING “Expression Session”? We sat down with Tom to get some insight on his relationship with Bing, his amazing list of surfboards, and how we can convince him to make this epic gathering of frothers an annual event.

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March 15, 2023

An Interview with Christian Marcher of Progressive Surf Academy


You’d be hard pressed to find someone more stoked on surfing than our friend and local ripper Christian Marcher. Big boards, small boards, soft tops, surf mats, hand planes, you name it and this guy rides them all at a very elite level. The best part about Christian is that he is always the nicest guy in the water and he pushes the boundaries of what you think is possible on a surfboard every time he paddles out.

With over 30 years of surfing experience, Christian has built Progressive Surf Academy into one of the most well-respected surf schools anywhere on the West Coast. He and his team use a very unique approach that dives deep into ocean safety, technique, and ethics in the lineup that you don’t see anywhere else. Christian delivers a premium surf experience for all ages and has been a part of the Bing family for a few years, so we sat down to chat and learn a bit more about the man and his love for the ocean.

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March 03, 2023

Give us a glimpse into who Lauren Hill is... Where did you come from and where has 
 life taken you?
I’m a surf rat from a little barrier island off the East Coast of Florida. I now live just outsideof Byron Bay, Australia with my partner Dave Rastovich and our son Minoa.I’ve ridden and travelled with my trusty Bings all over the world, and have made a living sharing stories - via film, pen and podcasts.

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