Bing Surfboards at SouthCoast Surf Shop

October 21, 2014

South Coast
Bing Surfboards is happy to announce that SouthCoast Surf Shop is now carrying a robust line of Bing Surfboards at their Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach locations. We realized that our North County San Diego Bing retail shop may be a little far for our South San Diego residents so we teamed up with SouthCoast to carry our line of surfboards. SouthCoast was an easy pick because of their roots, history and tradition to supplying quality surfboards to the Southern San Diego surf community. If you want to view and learn more about Bing Surfboards be sure to stop in at their Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach location. Their knowledgable staff can answer any questions you may have and they can also order you a custom Bing surfboard to fit your exact needs.

Pacific Beach:
Kevin Fuertes (pictured above with beard) – Surboard buyer and floor sales.
Larry Schultheis – Store Manager
740 Felspar St.
San Diego, CA 92109
phone: 858.483-7660

Ocean Beach:
Zach Lund – Board Specialist
Kyle Bavasi – Store Manager
5023 Newport Ave.
San Diego, CA 92107
phone: 619.223.7017

SouthCoast has a large selection of clothing and accessories that can fill any of your needs. They also have a huge air conditioned upstairs dedicated to wetsuits (Pacific Beach) filled with any size, brand and color you can think of. So no matter what your needs are for surf be sure to stop in and speak with their friendly & knowledgable staff to get in the best gear and get insider tips to hair farming with Kevin.

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