Catching up with Chris Del Moro III

November 16, 2017

Chris del Moro is a big part of the Bing family, and he has been quite busy over the last few years. Between family, business, surfing and life in general, Chris made some time to give us some insight into his daily life. Read on!

Preface from CDM III:

Greetings, feel like it's important to establish where I am in life and whats been going on for me and my family. Our little boy Marley is 1 3/4 years old and has become the light of our life. His birth really helped me see a lot of bigger picture elements of my life clearly. I decided to retire from professional surfing, thus bringing my travel schedule, obligations and endorsements to a halt. I have transitioned into full time Dad, husband, artist. I now design and help to run our family business Bahgsu Jewels as well as work for freelance accounts. I feel so blessed to have made a living riding waves for all these years. I am still as keen on surfing as I have ever been, but it has become a much different journey. My boards are blank Bings, I surf with friends, hardly ever a camera and I am as happy as I have ever been. Family and nature are always number one, thanks for reading and many blessings 111

Hey Chris, it's been good seeing you in town recently. What have you been doing in Encinitas lately?
Always fun coming back to Encinitas, seeing old friends, surfing and working on boards with Matt. We've been down lately for some work with our Jewelry business as well as meeting up with the ZIOBAFFA crew who have come over form Italy for surf and wine matters. The Calvani family was kind enough to host an amazing pizza party where we all practiced the most important aspects of Italian life, food and family.

You spent some time in Australia with the family, how was your trip?
We recently returned from 5 months in Australia. It was an epic trip where we lived off grid, surrounded by good friends and great waves. The goal was to get Marley comfortable in the warm ocean and waves. The weather was kind to us, not too much rain and some really incredible sand formations on the points. It was a simple life, healthy living, early rise, early to bed, nature driven goodness and somehow we managed to get our work done to keep our ship afloat.

What boards were you riding when you were down there?
I was riding my trusty 6'0 quad Dart, it has become my hands down favorite short board that Matt has ever made me. I also had a 6'0 sunfish that was next level fast and responsive, a prototype asym speed square, and a 7 ft refined maui foil for larger surf. Also had my trusty 9'9 California Square Tail.

Nathan Oldfield shot the photos, what's it like shooting with such an amazing photographer / videographer?
Nathan is a brother, such a humble and talented man. I love spending time with him in all capacities and you know there will be some magic captured when he is behind the lens. A real honor to have him take his time and energy to shoot when I surf.

You have worked with Matt Calvani on creating many of the recent Bing board designs. Any new ideas in the works?
Yeah we are working on some tube riding goodness, as well as a trippy asym speed squarish spawn, first one was good but like to see it breach into great.

The Bing Speed Square is one of your design concepts. Can you explain the theory behind it?
I had an old finless knee board I scored in the 90's at a Santa Cruz swap meet. It had some really great design concepts. I used the rail and bottom from that and married it with the Morey Mach 7-7 outline... I had no idea the board would go so well, sooo fast and become such a fun board for your quiver.

If someone was ready to stop riding their soft top, what Bing model would you suggest for them to start with?
I would transition into a mid length foil or Karma, or a Lovebird longboard. If you were looking for a short board you cant go wrong with the Sunfish, such a great board for all kinds of surfing and waves.

You have also contributed to many Bing graphic designs that we use on everything ( boards, tees, etc ), any new artwork in the works?
I wish, I'm so behind on my own business work but I have a few ideas brewing, so lets hope I get them down and add to the amazing history of Bing design theory.

If could only ride one board out of each Bing category for this Fall / Winter ( shortboard, midlength, longboard ), what would you pick?
6'3 Bing Dart, quad fin set-up. 




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