Duke Boyd, Rest In Peace. 1934 -2020

September 25, 2020

Duke Boyd was responsible for the advertising and design of Bing Surfboards from the mid to late 60s. Surf magazines were the main source for anything related to current events in surfing at the time. No web, social media.

Duke Boyd Bing Surfboards

'In the mid 60’s I was so busy building boards I didn’t have time to come up with the ads. He had a good vision of the future and he pushed me to do double page spreads when I would say gees Duke that’ll cost a fortune ! He would say don’t worry it’ll pay off. He was looking into the future when I was just trying to get through the day. I owe him a lot.'
- Bing Copeland

Duke past away recently after a battle with cancer, and his presence will be missed. Rest in Peace Duke, your legend lives on.

Bing Surfboards David Nuuhiwa Duke Boyd


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