Ghost Lam Model: Pig Pin

July 24, 2019

Introducing a new design to the Ghost Lam Project, Bing Master Shaper Matt Calvani created two new midlength options, the 'Pig Pin', and it's sibling, the 'Pigformer' - A squash tail option of the Pig Pin, which is designed for quicker cuts on the face when projecting out of the pocket. Feedback from Bing rider Will Allen and his dad came back highly positive. As well, Matt has ridden this new design in the waters close to home in Leucadia, CA. The Pig Pin is currently available to demo at Bing Surf Shop, stop in and talk to the crew about it and take it out for a test drive!

Bing Pig Pin Model

"The Pig Pin is a 8'6" to 9'2" board that is designed to turn like a smaller mid range because of the wide point back and narrow nose reminiscent of the early 60's pigs. The best part is the flat rocker which gives excellent paddle, glide, and wave catching that acts like a much longer board. A unique combination of elements that has given me a ton of stoke as an alternative to my longboard." - Matt Calvani

Bing Pig Pin Model

"Rides like a mini bean and cheese burrito. Very clean and tasty. trims like no other and when you step on the tail it can really engage on rail. There is enough foam to cross step and position yourself in critical sections for speed. I would imagine this board would be fun in tubes as well. I highly recommend the Pig Pin. My favorite mid length yet!" - Will Allen

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