Kit Africa’s 50 Yr Old Bing Surfboard Comes Home

February 05, 2014

50yr old Bing - Kit
Bing Copeland received an interesting email recently from one Kit Africa. It seems he purchased a Bing Surfboard in Hermosa Beach in 1964 and the board found it’s way back into his hands this year. The images and information were sent to Bing so we thought we’d share this cool story and the stoke Kit has for his board. Above is Kit as a 14 yr old kid with his brand new board. The other photo is Kit today getting the same board back in hands after not seeing it for about 45 years.

“I picked up the #3139 from your Hermosa beach shop when it was finished new and the first stop was Malibu! I was a 13 year old “gremmie” in surf heaven. A surfing buddy’s mom drove us all the way there from Sausalito and we stayed with their friends somewhere South of Malibu pier. I payed for the board back then with paper route and babysitting money. What a time to be a kid in California! Thanks so much for your part in making it all happen.
All the best ~ K”

Here’s how the board got back into Kit’s hands. Story from Kit’s friend Daniel:
“Our friend Kit Africa got a call from a guy that had bought Kit’s custom built “Bing” surfboard from him back in the 60’s. It had been stored in his parents garage for close to 45 years. The guy told him that if he wanted the board back he would have to pay his original price of $50 +1 dollar for every year of storage the total price was $95. When he got there to pick up the board the guy threw a 50th birthday party, cake and all, for the board at a local surf shop in Bolinas.”

Cake and cert

Awesome to see a quality Bing board last over 50 years and bring back memories and stoke to the guy who originally purchased it. Bing Copeland was also able to find the original order for Kit Africa in his ledger. Bing made a birth certificate for Kit to go along with the board.

Kit also said:
“It’s safely home now after fifty (50) years and my own two boys (33 & 31) are lusting after it! It wouldn’t float either of them so it will be on display in the living room overhead as a piece of history (and “art”, if I may…). All the best to you and hope we meet someday.”

Thanks for sharing the story Kit.

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