New Bing Dharma Model

August 30, 2010

Bing Surfboards introduces the new Bing Dharma model designed by Matt Calvani and Chris Del Moro.

Standard Sizes: 5’2” to 6’6”
Nose:     17 ½”
Width: 20 ½”-21 11/16”
Tail:     17 ¼”
Thickness: 2 ¼”-2 11/16”+

The Dharma blends modern surfing with the subtleties of riding a retro fish.
This board was designed to catch a lot of waves, supplying endless amounts
of fun to wave riders alike. Matt and I set out to design a board that was
not only fast down the line but also turned with laser sharp precision and
could pivot in the pocket. The beveled rail and concave deck concept allows
us to keep the volume of the board for glide while the maintaining the
board’s sensitivity in rail-to-rail turns. The outcome of this quad finned,
butt-tail wave whip is hands-down the most fun fish I’ve surfed. This design
works great back-side and front and a perfect blend of front foot speed and
back footed shredding. Suitable for clean lines, barrel riding, full rail
turns and a perfect platform to take your aerial antics to the next level.
Enjoy the ride and share the stoke. –Chris Del Moro 111

Check out CDM’s Profile & Vid

Now available at Icons of Surf, Freedom Surf Shop, Huntington Surf & Sport and
California Surf Imports.

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