New Dealer: El Aquanauta in Mallorca

August 11, 2014

El Aquanauta
An old shipyard building in Palma de Mallorca is about to be transformed into El Aquanauta. El Aquanauta will be a lifestyle house for lovers of surfing, motorcycles, food, traveling, photography, hand built boats, culture and the sea. The house will sell selective surfboards from Bing and unique lifestyle brands and collectables and serve great food all day. It will be an evolving space which showcase venues and unique people, and quite special, a part of the house will be an open workspace for a professional boatbuilder Jan Van der Horst Retail will be refreshing and live in a contemporary spot light.

Friends Juanjo Campos (Majorcan Marine biologist and now restaurant owner) and Andres Ballinas (half Mexican/half Swedish musician/songwriter) are both surfers and conscious travelers and ideas and inspiration has been collected while traveling all over the world with surfboards and cameras under their arms. Together with the original and creative artist Miguel Periago the trio are the enthusiastic owners behind El Aquanauta.

Until the opening of El Aquanauta you will find the Bing boards at Juanjo’s already established lifestyle restaurant Duke, in the young neighborhood Santa Catalina in Palma. Here the old school surf style is cherished and present. In front of Duke you’ll find Andre’s photo gallery The Window where the boards are also shown.

So if you’re ever off the eastern coast of Spain on Mallorca be sure to stop in and visit Duke/The Window until El Aquanauta is finished. We’re looking forward to bringing quality Bing Surfboards to Mallorca through Andres, Juanjo and Miguel.

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