New York Minute with Bing Ambassador Neal Campbell

March 09, 2018

New York City, the city that never sleeps-- home to Wall Street, The Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty— also has some of the best waves on the East Coast. Yep, The Greatest City in the World also packs a punch when it comes to waves.  In an almost forgotten corner of New York City lies a beach town that is home to an eclectic group of impressive surfers from all around the world.  From local kids whose families have lived there for generations to transplants from Brooklyn who courageously travel by subway with their surfboards, to the pros who are in town for the weekend, Rockaway Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in New York.

Bing Surfboards - Neal Campbell - The Ramones - Surfing
Photo: Gus Potter ( @gus_potter )

Made famous by The Ramones, Rockaway Beach holds a special place in my heart as it is where my father learned to surf. Every year we would take a trip through town and he would tell me stories about him and his cousin cutting school and take the train from The Bronx to surf their 10ft balsa wood surfboards in the shore break. Growing up I didn’t spend much time surfing The Rockaways since we lived closer to beaches further east, but my need for adventure has sparked a new love for the area.

Bing Surfboards - Neal Campbell - Rockaway Beach - Surfing
Photo: Gus Potter ( @gus_potter )

With over 2 weeks of below freezing temperatures, 2018 started off with some of the coldest weather I have ever experienced. What made matters worse was a dismal flat spell that made any bump look enticing. Determined to find some rideable waves I freed up some time to go hunting. Soon enough I found myself on the shores of Rockaway Beach watching perfect 2-3-foot waves peel from rock jetties. Still grey and gloomy, I wondered what the session would bring, but as I paddled out the skies parted, and sun played peek-a-boo with the clouds. I rode my 9’8” Silver Spoon, which has become my go to for these types of conditions and alternated between lefts and rights with nobody out.

Bing Surfboards - Neal Campbell - Cold Water - Surfing
Photo: Gus Potter ( @gus_potter )

After one of my better waves, I paddled in thinking I was finished for the day and drove east to my apartment in Long Beach. I began washing off my gear and was just about to hang up my wetsuit up to dry when I decided to check the cam one more time. When I saw the waves had gotten even better, I frantically suited back up and rode my bike down to the beach. I paddled out right as the sun began to set, the wind was calm, and the sunlight reflected through the water as it sprayed off the rails of my surfboard likes pieces of shattered glass. I only had time for a few amazing waves, but as I stood on the boardwalk watching the last bit of light fade with the sunset, I amazed how fast things could change in a New York minute.

Bing Surfboards - Neal Campbell - New York- Surfing
Photo: Gus Potter ( @gus_potter )

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