October 8: Art of Shaping Los Angeles Edition Board Auction

October 03, 2011

Matt Calvani, receiving 2 nominations for this year’s Art of Shaping LA County Edition, presented by Billabong at this month’s Sacred Craft Surfboard Show (Del Mar, CA), decided to submit, for his Bing nomination, the most prolific and famous surfboard design ever conceptualized under the label, the Bing David Nuuhiwa Noserider Model.  In this 9’6 rendition of the timeless Bing surfboard model,  Matt decided to build it in the traditional balsa wood construction, glassed with a red resin pigment and traditional red Bing Noserider glass-on fin.  

For proxy-bidding requests, please contact Margaret Yao Calvani at sales@bingsurf.com no later than Friday, October 7. 

Art of Shaping Los Angeles Edition is the fourth installment of Billabong’s stalwart program to recognize the crucial role that shapers and board builders play in building our culture. Twenty four shapers have been selected from the Los Angeles area to build gorgeous and iconic surfboards for public auction at Sacred Craft on Saturday evening, October 8th.

All proceeds from the auction benefit the SIMA Humanitarian Fund.

Previously Billabong recognized shapers from Hawaii, San Diego and Orange County.

The “Art of Shaping Los Angeles County Edition presented by Billabong” invitees include Scott Anderson, Joe Bark, Clyde Beatty, Phil Becker, Matt Calvani, Lance Carson, Con Colburn (Bruce Grant), Bing Copeland, Robbie Dick, Tyler Hatzikian, Brian Hilbers, Jeff Ho, Hap Jacobs, Dennis Jarvis, Don Kadawaki, Glen Kennedy, Greg Liddle, Casey McCrystal, Greg Noll (Jed Noll), Pat Ryan, Mike Starvos, Rick Stoner (Jeff Stoner), Dewey Weber (Jerry O’Keefe) and Michael Zippi.

Public auction will be held on  October 8, 2011, Saturday evening, 6PM @ Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo – Del Mar Fairgrounds

For more information check out http://www.billabong.com/artofshaping/

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