Out East – Featuring Rob Kulisek & Ty Williams

March 31, 2010

Out EastPresented by Baron Wells and Pharos Art Advisory
April 1 – May 31, 2010

Please join us in celebrating the talent and creative expression of Bing team rider, gifted surfer and photographer, Rob Kulisek.


NEW YORK –– Baron Wells and Pharos Art Advisory present Out East, the first major exhibition in New York from emerging artists Rob Kulisek and Ty Williams. The exhibition will be held at the Atelier on west 42nd street from April 1st to May 31st.

Out East is a compilation of large format prints and mixed media paintings that concentrate on social and cultural themes from the Northeast of America. A heavy influence is drawn from the costal lifestyle – marked by the ocean and the people, animals and objects that embody it.

Twelve beautifully lit prints of endangered fish reference an encyclopedic arrangement in Kulisek’s series Red Listed Fish, 2010. Adjacent to that, the portraits of a Norwegian fishing family hang with accompanying text, and together tell a social narrative of the ocean’s ability as an industrial entity to provide resources for both profit and survival.

For “Brian”, which massively hangs in the front window, Kulisek worked with the renowned Alexander Heinrici who printed most of Andy Warhol’s work in the 1970’s, to create a larger-than-life painting that showcases his more romantic images of youth and loneliness as caused by the overwhelming presence of the sea.

Ty Williams’ paintings and mixed media portray the Northeast in an unpasteurized fashion, focusing primarily on the aquatic lifestyle and the characters and activities surrounding the ocean. Ernest Hemingway becomes a jester, youthful men wear colorful life vests, and ship-in-a-bottle images come to life in his witty dialogue with the sea. The result is a marriage between the playfully sarcastic and fanciful sublime with an element of innocence and heartbreak. It is this idiosyncratic subject matter and simple composition that has attracted companies and institutions from around the world to collaborate with Ty on creative direction in film, fashion, publishing and education.

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