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June 20, 2014

We started the week off with a new video “Lola In The Neighborhood”. Lola visited San Diego and scored fun waves with fellow team rider Mick Rodgers. View Now

The Bing Surfboards factory has been super busy keeping up with the summer demand. The “Todays View From the Office” snap shot showed a few beauties getting finished up. A custom, a couple of CA Square Tails, a CA Pintail and a Levitator where featured. People really love to look at boards.

We then highlighted the importance of the laminating process. Glass & Resin transform what the shaper does to the foam and gives it the practical properties envisioned for the surfboard. It’s an interesting and important process a lot of surfers never think about. View More

Team rider Chris Del Moro transports us to somewhere in the Indian Ocean. CDM Jerry rigs a GoPro to bring us along for a barrel ride on his Bing Spork. If only we had barrels at home.

We get a little history from the archives of Bing Surfboards. An ad used in Surfer Magazine, March 1968. This one features the Pintail Lightweight surfboard along with shaper Dick Brewer and team rider David Nuuhiwa. Read More

We finish the week off with team rider James Parry displaying classic style in modern times. James is one of the “new generation” surfers keeping the old school single fin longboard surfing alive while also helping it progress. He’s an all around great waterman and can surf anything well. More Pics Here

Have a great weekend and get out there.

Chris Del Moro = @ChrisDelMoro111
Lola Mignot = @lolamignot
Mick Rodgers = @mrrodgers_neighborhood
James Parry = @jimmyjamesparry
Bing Surfboards = @bingsurfboards
Bing Surf Shop = @bingsurfshop

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Never Coming Home Featuring Bing Rider Karson Lewis and Keli Moore

March 12, 2018

"Sometimes you just have pick up and go. That’s what this video is about. It’s about going somewhere you’ve never gone before, or maybe it’s going back to your roots. Maybe it’s getting off the grid, going rogue, and letting them guess for a while... Sometimes that’s the only thing that feels like home."

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New York Minute with Bing Ambassador Neal Campbell
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Bing rider Dean Petty is Perfectly Caffeinated in Northern Nicaragua
Bing rider Dean Petty is Perfectly Caffeinated in Northern Nicaragua

February 26, 2018

Perfectly Caffeinated is a campy video features Bing rider Dean Petty @buenolife_ , Mikey DeTemple,  and Lee Meirowitz surfing and drinking coffee in Northern Nicaragua. Both take dedication, skill, and knowledge of how to have fun. Dean is riding a Pintail Lightweight Mini with a 2+1 configuration, and a Bing Raven, single fin. 

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