THINK BING Documentary Series: Part 2 - The Transition Era

December 17, 2019

In Association with: The Golden State Company
Director: Bryce Lowe-White
Director of Photography: Mike Pagan, Nathan Oldfield
Cast: Bing Copeland, Greg Noll, Richard Brewer, Mike Eaton, Malcom & Duncan Campbell, Matt Calvani, Chris Del Moro, Dave Rastovich, Lauren Hill

THINK BING is a documentary film that brings together the most influential characters behind Bing Surfboards and celebrates the brand's most pivotal moments over the past six decades. From the earliest collaborators to present day, the story unfolds from first hand accounts with Bing Copeland, Greg Noll, Dick Brewer, Duncan & Malcolm Campbell, Mike Eaton, Matt Calvani and others. Their voices paired with archival footage will guide viewers through the 60s as we follow the inception of the surfboard industry and how Bing Surfboards came to be, its milestones and achievements in the 1960s golden era of surfing, and how it became a cornerstone of the surf industry. Through the 70s - 90s when surfing culture, the industry and surfboards rapidly changed and Bing kept pace helping to showcase cutting-edge surfboard design, such as the Bonzer, which paved the way for the modern day thruster surfboard. To Bing Surfboards today, where decade-old theories of craftsmanship continue to steer the direction of its modern hand-shaped designs.

The common theme that links the eras together is the foundation from which Bing was built on and along the way, honor the people whose talent and vision led the brand through the generations. The film covers stories such as shop talk from the factory floor, the surfing experience from eras past, the moments of breakthrough in the shaping bay and the life long friendships made along the way. THINK BING brings to life Bing Surfboard's incredible journey and further cements its legacy in the surfing world for generations to come.

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Artist Spotlight: Eric "E.D." Diamond
Artist Spotlight: Eric "E.D." Diamond

June 11, 2021

Eric Diamond, or "E.D.", as most of us know him, has deep roots that started back when his father, Daryl Diamond, drove the Clark Foam delivery truck with Eric riding shotgun. 

Fast forward to today, Eric did a couple of designs for us here at Bing; "Waves of Change" and "Planer". They obviously reflect his passion for the transitional period. We are thrilled to have him as a Bing Ambassador / Artist and are proud to present his work for your enjoyment.

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Big Wednesday Roger Hinds Collection
Big Wednesday Collection by Roger Hinds

June 04, 2021

Bing Surfboards is stoked to be able to present you with the same level of high-quality surfboards that we produce here at Bing and offer you the opportunity to put an authentic Big Wednesday handcrafted surfboard by Roger Hinds in your quiver. You never know, your Big Wednesday might be right around the corner..

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May 27, 2021

If you aren't aware, Bing rider, Israel Preciado is responsible for the premier longboard surfing event, Mexi Log Fest. This surfing event is as unique as Izzy himself! The 2021 Mexi Log Fest begins on June 4th, and will be held at Punta Burros, in Nyarit, Mexico. Always a good time more than a serious contest, the Mexi Log Fest will host some of the best single fin traditional longboarders in the world. We asked Izzy some questions regarding the history of Mexi Log Fest and what to expect this year. Check out his answers and buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win 1 of 10 Bing Surfboards. All proceeds go to help support Mexi Log Fest. Good vibes only!

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