May 05, 2022

 By Devon DeMint

I took these photos on a trip that involved two kids as they puked what appeared to be decomposed avocados into my hair, being awakened twice by spiders crawling on me in bed, showering willy nilly with a scorpion and slamming my neck on a concrete skate ramp. 

This isn’t to say I’m not grateful for the experience, sometimes the beauty of certain moments just isn’t immediately obvious. It may take years for me to look back fondly on the fact that Isla almost fell down the airport escalator or that we called the hospital in San Jose because we were worried the barfing had gone on for too long.

One thing I know to be true: you have to earn memories. And sometimes that requires struggle (even spiders and puke). 

After some mezcal one night, Scott said “We get so afraid to break patterns and see what’s possible. We start tweaking out and going down this rabbit hole of reasons ‘why not’ to do something”. Being an expert tweaker-outer, I had already catalogued my reasons for not doing a trip like this again until everyone understands not to open their mouths in the shower, but I knew what he meant.

This trip made me ask “Who are we without the comforts of home?” and I guess that’s a good question to answer (even if the answer is that I’m a little more delirious and wild-eyed). I’m closer to being the person 80 year old me will want to remember. Someone who believed in adventure enough to pack a bunch of toddlers onto an airplane and drive out into the desert for a swell.

The desert is a museum of sensory pleasures for children. The bottom of the ocean, resurfaced. Its many critters something your air-conditioned home could never sustain.

Baja, with its unpaved roads and rugged beauty reminded me of the freedom we all have just to be. 

My point is, traveling with small kids is not a hopeless case. Someday these maniac babies will become travelers, with all the memories they made with their family as a catalyst for their own adventures. 

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May 07, 2024

Travel is all about getting somewhere else. The journey, comically titled “the destination,” by some real masochists, feels more to me like a practical joke then a zen-buddha lesson in being present; a blur of drinking $9 Chardonnay while trying to stream Lego Batman across the isle and entertain a baby with a series of 10 second activities (tray table, crackers, seatbelt, headphones!).

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October 02, 2023

Name, hometown, and surfboard brand.

Josh Peterson, hometown Virginia Beach (born) Haleiwa (currently living), and my brand is Peterson Surfcraft. 

When and where did you start surfing? Describe your first surfboard.

I started surfing when I was about 15 in Virginia Beach, and my first board was an old funboard from WRV that was about 7’6” and had glass on thrusters and an insane airbrush.

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August 22, 2023

At the beginning, it was just an idea, but at the same time, a challenge I had set for myself some time ago. Honestly, I saw it as complicated since it was my first time traveling alone to Europe, and I was curious and nervous because I was literally going to another country. The only thing that reassured me was being able to speak Spanish over there. But, of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of the entire BAPU beachware team who encouraged me and gave me the motivation not to doubt myself and make this a fulfilled goal, we organized various activities while presenting the short film "El Gordo" to raise funds for this trip. 

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