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22985 7'2" RAVEN TWIN

$1,395.00 USD

The Raven is a transitional board that bridges the gap between longboard and short single fin. Rooted in the Karma rocker, it features a modest displacement hull to vee bottom and a narrower outline. The Karma works great in small to medium range surf, but the Raven will handle a bigger wave while maintaining its functionality in medium-sized waves as well. It allows you to catch waves with ease and maintain constant speed with added control. With its slight edge in the tail for drive and control, this model is highly responsive and allows you to push on the tail as hard as you want. Several of top Bing riders contributed to the evolution of this model and confirmed it's superior ride. Chris Del Moro was one of the first to ride one and with his help, Matt decided to add more edge further up the rail because he thought the front of the board felt sticky and lacked the flow in turns. Adam Cap, Mick Rogers, James Parry, Alessandro Ponzanelli and Lauren Hill also ride and endorse this model with great enthusiasm. Everyone's raving about the Raven!

Average nose: 16

Average tail: 14.75"

1/8" applecore stringer

#7503 Khaki Opaque bottom/spray deck



2 Black  Futures

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