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22177 5'4" DHARMA MOD

$1,210.00 USD

The “Dharma Mod” is a new take on the first-generation Dharma which is still one of the fastest and most user-friendly shortboards in the water today. This new outline still keeps a flat nose rocker to give you optimum glide and paddle power, plus the beveled rail and concave deck which lessens volume for more sensitivity in rail-to-rail turns. The real update here is in the rounded squash tail shape which is taken from the newer Cypress model we released a few years ago. By keeping a wider outline and rounding off the tail, you’ll still get that skate-style feel and unbelievable wave catching ability on the average days, but a more fluid surfing experience once the waves give you a larger canvas to work with. The new tail design is also available in a thruster, quad, or 5-fin box setup which creates the ultimate “quiver killer” for everyone from novice to seasoned shredder. The Dharma Mod delivers an amazing amount of speed off your front foot while giving you power and precision off the tail. For optimal performance this model should be sized 3-4 inches shorter than your standard shortboard. The Dharma model has always been about having fun in the water and the new Dharma Mod will take your wave riding stoke to the next level.

Average nose: 17.5"

Average tail: 17.5"

1/8" Applecore stringer

Opaque T+B



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