Speed Square

Bing Surfboards Custom Deliver by Christmas

Inspired by his fond childhood memories on a Mach-77 boogie board, Bing team rider, Chris Del Moro convinced shaper, Matt Calvani to help him recapture the magic in this modern-day twin-finned version called the Speed Square. Because of its short length, Matt added belly in the nose with a quick transition into a hard, tapered rail in the tail so that the board would be quick and responsive. He added a deep straight concave that runs from where your front foot sits through the tail of the board to gain efficiency in glide and maintained thickness in the tail to improve glide and wave-catching ability. The small twin keels maintain a “fin-less” riding quality but still allowing for some control. Ride it short, ride it fast and get ready for a whole lot of fun!

Average nose: 20.75”
Average tail: 21”

Size Width Thickness
3'10" 21.75 2.875
4'0" 22 2.875
4'2" 22.25" 2.875
4'4" 22.5 2.875
4'6" 22.75 3

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