The Whippet was designed to be a versatile step-up or a board for someone who likes 70s inspired guns with a modern feel. The extra volume with the wide point forward and beak nose give the Whippet its 70s look but has a relaxed modern rocker with double concave vee. The single-wing tail design carries the width back while keeping the pintail narrow, allowing for a wider range of surf, from medium to overhead plus waves. The 5-fin box setup gives the surfer the option to ride the board as a tri or quad. The quad would be suited for fast lined up waves. The tri option would excel in more open face turns or peaky conditions.

Average nose: 14.25”
Average tail: 14.75”

Size Width Thickness Volume
6'4" 20.25 2.625 36.20
6'6" 20.5 2.75 38.20
6'8" 20.75 2.75 40.30
6'10" 21 2.8125 42.80
7'0" 21.25 2.875 45.00
7'2" 21.5 3 48.60

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