60 Years of Craftsmanship

This year marks the 60th Anniversary of Bing Surfboards, and we are both honored and excited to celebrate six decades of surfboard design, craftsmanship and history in the surf industry. In addition to a packed calendar of celebrations, events and special surfboard and product releases, we at Bing Surfboards would also like to commemorate this historical milestone with the production of Bing Surfboards: A Living History, a 3-part documentary video series that will capture the memories and magic that makes up 60 years at Bing.

Starting from the beginning, Part I of Bing Surfboards: A Living History will include interviews with Bing Copeland, Dick Brewer, David Nuuhiwa and Greg Noll describing in their own words the inception of the surfboard industry and how Bing Surfboards came to be, its milestones and achievements in the 1960s golden era of surfing, and how it became a cornerstone of the surf industry.

Part II will capture the magic of the transitional era for surfboard design and surfing with accounts by Mike Eaton and the Campbell Brothers (Malcolm and Duncan) who will tell the story of how Bing Copeland gave them a chance to showcase their cutting-edge surfboard design, The Bonzer, which paved the way for the modern day thruster surfboard.

Part III will take us to present day at Bing Surfboards, the partnership that blossomed between Bing Copeland and Matt Calvani, which grew into a modern day revival of an age-old brand name and catapulted the Bing brand into today’s surf industry marketplace. With interviews with both Bing and Matt, and influential team riders and ambassadors such as Chris Del Moro, Mick Rodgers, Lauren Hill and Dave Rastovich, the finale to Bing Surfboards: A Living History will be the final piece of this commemorative documentary that will forever live in the video library of the surfing world and be enjoyed for generations of surfers to come.

To make this dream a reality, we are reaching out to you, our beloved friends and family for your support. Please join us in capturing these memories and celebrating the life’s work of Bing Copeland and those most influential in six decades at Bing Surfboards.

Yours truly,
The Bing Surfboards Family