Raffle Surfboard Order Form

Congratulations on Winning a Custom Bing Surfboard!

By completing this order form, you agree to the following terms:

  • 1 surfboard per winner
  • raffle winner picks the model
  • $1,400 retail value includes:
    • up to 9’6
    • single bass stringer
    • clear/no color
    • stock glassing: 6+6+4oz deck patch, 6oz bottom+fin patch
    • gloss/polish finish or sanded gloss finish
    • single fin box only
    • fiberglass fin included
    • leash drill-through/rope optional
    • raffle winner pays for any extras or stock features that are not included in the above
    • raffle winner pays all packing and shipping costs
    • raffle winner pays for 7.75% CA sales tax if local pickup

Please fill out the details below.