18248 9'6" POCKET KINIFE

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A new model inspired by and designed for Bing rider, Mele Saili, the Pocket Knife starts with a Magic Sam inspired outline. The wide point back and rolled/ turned-up tail bottom enables quick but smooth pivot turns and easy noseriding anywhere on the wave. Its narrow nose fits into tight pockets without catching and the blunt end allows the rider to hang parallel tens on the nose. Its thinned out 50/50 rails creates optimal stability and the rounded diamond tail facilitates smooth and graceful turns. This board design suits Mele’s style because she likes to setup the board quickly and get to the nose without hesitation to achieve long noserides, then cut back and setup for the next noseride. This a model for surfers of any level and best suited for waves in the knee to head high range and should be ridden 2” longer for optimal noseriding. - Matt Calvani, head shaper/designer

“The Pocket Knife is a slimmer noserider with nice glide for smooth wave entry. A board built to fit comfortably in the pocket of a wave due to its slender shape. I found it to be versatile in its noseriding and turning capabilities- A good board choice for traveling and adapting to different waves fast or slow.”- Mele Saili, Bing Rider ( San Diego, CA )

Average nose: 17.5"
Average tail: 16.75"

3/8" Darkwood stringer

Light Blue Trans Tint Reverse/Clear Bottom

patch, gloss/polish

single box