18294 7'0" OMEGA

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The model name derives from the last letter of the Greek alphabet, OMEGA, because it's the counterpart to the ALPHA PIN. Giving a nod to the late '60s when pintail shortboards first appeared on the scene, marking the very beginning of the shortboard revolution. This board features a wide-point forward outline, a soft rail with a slight roll to a single concave, and heavy vee in the tail. Unlike its pintail counterpart (ALPHA PIN), the square tail gives you a longer gradual curve that creates more projection and drive while allowing for sharper turns on top and bottom turns. Similar to the ALPHA, the OMEGA still defies all logic on paddle-ability, rides FAST and SMOOTH but provides more responsiveness and plenty of hold off the tail in bigger more powerful surf due to the narrowness of the tail. - Matt Calvani, shaper/designer

3/8" wedge stringer

Light Blue Trans Reverse/Clear bottom



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