18981 10'0" High Five

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The High 5 isn't your ordinary performance longboard. It's designed to have a wide range of use with some secret ingredients. First off it has a five fin option. With the High 5 you have a quad fin option that will supercharge the boards turning ability and speed. What makes the quad perform so well is the combination of a narrow pintail and deep double concave vee. This gives a smoother turn with plenty of bite. If the quad is not your thing the two plus one works incredibly well on this board. The High 5 comes in a pintail and square tail version. The full 19" inch nose with critically positioned concave is the key to lift on the nose without pushing water. This is where the secret ingredient comes in. From just past center to the front fins there is a Venturi concave inside the already generous double concave which sucks the tail down when on the nose. The same Venturi concave when on the tail forces the water to be channeled to create extra speed and with the pintail double concave vee you'll have all the control you need. Another key ingredient to make all this work is the thinned out rail because at high speeds you need rail control and thinner rails are faster because there's less curve to create drag. We utilize a dome deck to give you the paddle power and flotation you need. To boil it all down, High 5 will go faster, catch waves better, noseride longer and turn harder than most high performance longboards. We have been evolving this same board for over 15 years it's proven it's a Bing. Glassed with 6+6+4oz deck patch on the deck and 6oz on the bottom.

Average nose: 19"

3/8" Darkwood Stringer

6/6+6oz Patch

Magenta T+B (see photo ref)


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