19262a 8'6" PIGFORMER

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After extensively riding the Pig Pin and wanting more performance characteristics, I designed the Pigformer. The key difference between the two models is the swallow tail rather than the square tail for more bite and a sharper, more pivot turn off the top and bottom of the wave. I also added more tail rocker to compliment the extra responsiveness. Then by eliminating the single concave, the board felt free to turn where I wanted it to, opposed to the concave of the Pig Pin, that set a line to trim. Lastly by thinning out the board, it added a lot more sensitivity without losing too much paddle and wave catching ability. With 35 years of surfing I can say it's one of the funnest boards I've ever ridden!

Average nose: 16.25"
Average tail: 15.25"

3/8" Bass wedge stringer

#5773 Tint T+B


WSG single box